Serkong Institute

4-Year Program

First Module:

Oct 3 - Dec 15, 2024

Serkong Institute 4-Year Program


This program is tailored for individuals seeking a comprehensive grasp of  Buddhist scriptures. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is limited for completing traditional Buddhist study programs, this program aims to encompass all essential subjects taught in classical Buddhist studies in a condensed format.


The subjects have been carefully selected from the traditional curriculum to enable participants to thoroughly grasp (1) the essence of the Buddhist path, (2) its various aspects, and (3) the correct sequence of progression along the path. Without such comprehension, individulas aspiring to practice the Buddha-dharma may (1) mistakenly prioritize practices that do not lead to liberation, (2) correctly identify the path but, lacking a holistic understanding, focus solely on certain aspects, or (3) possess a comprehensive understanding but, without knowing the proper sequence, emphasize practices that are intended for later stages.

Didactic Method

The didactic method will follow the traditional approach of debate. Students will initially acquire the essential debating skills and subsequently apply them as they advance. This method cultivates a critical and unbiased mindset toward the teachings, empowering students to cultivate conviction and autonomy in their learning.


The program spans four years, with each module lasting two and a half months. Modules occur during the months of October, November, and December, beginning in 2024.

Given the sequential structure of the program, where earlier subjects prepare participants for later ones, it is ideal for students to attend all four years. However, we will strive to accommodate individual circumstances.

Program Details


1st year: Oct 3 - Dec 15, 2024

Learning debate

Collected Topics (Dudra)Signs and reasoning (Tarig)Pramāṇavārttika - selected sections from the 1st chapter

2nd year - Fall 2025

Basic Buddhist Concepts

Buddhist Psychology (Lorig)Pramāṇavārttika – 2nd chapter

3rd year: Fall 2026

The Buddhist View

Tenets (Drubtha)Madhyamaka – Candrakīrti’s Madhyamakāvatāra

4th year: Fall 2027

Stages of the Buddhist Path


Daily Schedule:

7:00 Breakfast10:00 - 11:30 Teaching (with Atisha)11:30 Lunch3:30 - 5:00 Discussion (with Serkong Rinpoche & Atisha)5:30 Dinner6:30 - 8:30 Debate

Weekly Schedule:

M-F: Full Daily ScheduleSat AM: Session on using the studies for one's practice (with Serkong Rinpoche)Sat PM: Free TimeSun: Rest Day

Yearly Schedule:

The program spans four years, with each module lasting two and a half months. Modules occur during the months of October, November, and December, beginning in 2024


Embark on this learning journey with our esteemed teachers: H.E. Serkong Tsenshap Rinpoche, Gen Tenzin Gyurmi, and Atisha Mathur will be guiding participants through the program with expertise and compassion.

During this initial preparatory year, Serkong Rinpoche and Atisha will serve as the teachers. Gen Tenzin Gyurmi will take on the role of  primary teacher starting from the second year onward. 

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This year's module will be at hosted at Thosamling Nunnery in Dharamsala, India

Thosamling is located in a rural area near Norbulingka, surrounded by fields and offering breathtaking views of the magnificent Dhauladhar mountain range.

Accommodations at Thosamling consist of simple, spacious, and comfortable single rooms. They have a wonderful kitchen staff that provide delicious meals three times a day.

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